The VITO XL cleans the oil, stores it in its 219 lbs tank and provides an easy and hygienic transport in the kitchen. Because of its innovative vacuum-filtration technology, particles remain in the filter in a dry condition. Like every VITO oil filter system the XL provides a microfiltration up to 200 µin. The unique design makes sure the XL can handle temperatures up to 392°F and provides highest safety at work, because of avoiding direct contact with the hot oil. After filtration the oil can easily be pumped back into the fryer automatically.

All benefits at a glance:

■ big savings potential

■ constant quality of fried dishes

■ less work around the deep fryer

■ Credentials

Clean your oil with a VITO deep-frying oil filter and become one of over 40,000 satisfied VITO customers around the world!


■ Application

1. Dirty deep-frying oil before cleaning with the VITO deep-frying oil filter


2. With the VITO, simply pump out the oil. The filtration time only takes minutes, then pump back the oil into the fryer


3. Clean cooking oil ensures the best quality of your food


Save up to 50%

With VITO cooking oil filters you save money, oil, working time, storage space and transport costs!

Easy cleaning of frying fat

The VITO deep-frying oil filter is made of rust-free stainless steel and is therefore dishwasher safe!

Easiest handling

With VITO frying oil filters, you get clean oil in approx. 5 minutes. Pump out the oil, let it filter, pump it back, done!

Constant quality of the oil and the food

With the VITO deep-frying oil filter, you ensure the quality standard of all your deep-fried dishes, as your oil always gets cleaned.

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■ Technical data and downloads

Normal usage: Ideal for catering industry and bakeries or high frying volume

Filtration power: up to 66 lbs/min

Filtration efficiency: up to 200 µin

Pumping capacity: up to 77lbs/min

Tank volume: 219 lbs

Particle uptake: 23.54 lbs

Weight: 123 lbs

Temperature: max. 392°F

Material: Stainless stell 1.4301

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